Tips for the Best Las Vegas Hotel Specials

Las Vegas happens to be one top tourist and travel destinations in the United States. There are thousands of hotel rooms available at great rates. The following tips below will help you secure some of the best rates and hotel specials in Vegas.

Tip #1 – You will usually find the best deals when booking directly with the hotel. A few large companies like MGM Resorts and Harrah’s own a majority of the major hotels and casinos along the Las Vegas strip, they both have easy online booking and are constantly releasing discounted rates and promotional codes. Booking directly usually provides a better cancellation policy, easier to change your dates, and the opportunity to have those rooms comped if you intend on gambling in their casino.

Tip #2 – Book your room in advance. When you find a great deal or special, you should book it ASAP. Some of these highly discounted rates and specials are only for a limited amount of time and are usually a limited amount of rooms. Once these rooms are filled, rates will most likely be higher. Don’t worry though, if you book early and find a better deal you can cancel your previous booking. Make sure to verify cancellation policies before booking but most allow cancellations all the way up to 24-72 hours before reservation.

Tip #3 – Always get a player’s card and try calling directly about “players rates”. Even if you aren’t a big gambler, make sure to get a card at every casino you visit. You may receive discounted or free rooms in the form of mailer or email offers. It has also been seen that some promotions and specials are only available to those individuals with a player’s card.

Overall, it is a great time to visit Las Vegas. Room rates are very affordable, and amazing hotel specials can be found to fit any budget.


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